Excerpts From The Book


“The PROCESS of missions must be intentional, deliberate and strategic in order for missions to be maximized.  Without a plan, missions will be a “hit and miss” activity some of the time and a “miss” activity most of the time.” - Preface

“Jesus started missions before He started the church.  Jesus didn’t spend all or a majority of His time teaching the disciples how to do church.  Jesus spent His time teaching and showing the disciples how to be missional.” – Chapter One

“The senior pastor must lead the charge.  He must lead by example.    Jesus, the ultimate Senior Pastor, led by example.  Whatever He told His disciples to do, He did first.    The senior pastor has to be the one who’s heard the heartbeat of God and knows it beats missions.  His own heart has to beat missions.” – Chapter Three

“I’d like to submit that if there’s proper teaching, not only will a church make positive strides to becoming a missions church but increase in its tithes!” – Chapter Four

“Statistics show that out of the 50 states in our nation, 49 have decreasing church attendance.” – Chapter Four

“I wondered what sense it made for a blazing furnace to be heated seven times more than it was usually heated.  What’s the difference between a hot furnace and a hotter furnace?  Hot and hotter will both burn a human being.” – Chapter Four

“His left eye was no longer puffed, and he no longer was blind.  Praise God!  However, the really praiseworthy thing was that overnight, God grew … a new left leg!  Hallelujah!  That’s missions power!” – Chapter Seven