When it comes to missions, God doesn’t ask anything of us He wasn’t willing to do Himself. Missions did not originate with the apostles or prophets or heroes of the faith. It originated with the Father. As Jesus said, “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son” (John 3:16 NLT).         

Jesus, the One who commanded us to “go and make disciples,” was the first to be sent. He is the “Apostle (Sent One)” of our faith (see Hebrews3:1). The Father looked on a desolate world and sent His Son to bring us everlasting life. As Jesus labored on the earth, the Father provided the necessary direction for His ministry (John 5:19). And through the indwelling Spirit of Christ, Jesus grants the provision to make disciples of us all.         

This is the model of missions to which every believer has been appointed. Some go to other lands, some provide what is needed for the work, and all fulfill the charge to make disciples of the nations. When Jesus released that Great Commission, He was inviting us to participate in the mission of God Himself. What a privilege!         

As you read this book, you will be equipped with practical insights on living this high call. And you must realize that this is indeed a high call. As the people of God, we must never lose sight of the need of this world. People everywhere are crying out for restoration, and we carry the solution. As our hearts become in sync with God’s heart, we will discover a fierce desire for the salvation of all men.         

Can you honestly say that this is your heart? Do you live with an eternal focus and compassion for the lost? If this passion is not yet burning within you, let Pastor Terry Wong inspire you. Through Scripture and the testimony of experience, my friend will propel you towards the heart of God.         

Perhaps you would say that this passion already lives within you. Then Missions Power will supply you with strategic principles for living and leading a life of giving. You will learn to cast and sustain clear vision, build the missions focus of your church, and engage with Christ’s cause both near and far.         

While not all are called to spend their lives within the borders of a foreign land, we must operate in unity as Christ’s Body to fulfill the command of our Lord. God has a vital role for you to play in His plan of reaching the world. Press into the truth on these pages and allow God to expand your vision for His passion.         

Both those who stay and those who go are called to be in missions and on a mission. Friend, don’t miss the opportunity. Millions stand to be benefited by the fruit of your faith. I charge you:  live for their sake and for His glory.


John Bevere

Author / Speaker
Messenger International
Colorado Springs / United Kingdom / Australia