Dr. C. Peter Wagner

God’s missionary mandate for taking the gospel to all nations is set in concrete. But the methods are not—they change from season to season. Terry Wong’s book Missions Power provides us with a cutting-edge overview of missions for this season. His mixture of passion with God’s power will raise your faith to a new level and help you to be all God wants you to be.

Vice-President, Global Spheres Inc., Colorado

Drs. Heidi & Rolland Baker

Terry Wong has a passion for the lost that only God could give him. In this day of so much emphasis on our own blessings as royalty in Christ Jesus, it is so encouraging and refreshing to hear another perspective. Our purpose on earth is not just to enjoy for ourselves the powers of the age to come, but to seek and save the lost: the mission of Jesus Himself on earth. Terry understands with Paul that our lives are worth nothing to us if we do not finish the task Jesus has given us of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace. This book will open your eyes to what you can do toward that end, if you are willing to pay any price.

Founders & Directors, Iris Ministries, Mozambique

Larry Stockstill

Terry Wong has as strong a vision for missions as any pastor I have met worldwide. His endless schedule of crossing oceans and continents to foster relationships, plant churches, and minister at conferences is amazing. More than that, his insight into helping other churches enter the world vision will transform your life. Missions is God’s mission and you are about to be part of it!

Former Senior Pastor, Bethany World Prayer Center, Louisiana

Dishan Wickramaratne

Pastor Terry Wong speaks from a well of experience on a subject he is passionate about. He stepped into an inward-looking, ethnic church and his intense passion became contagious. Today Calvary Assembly is one of the biggest missions giving churches, per capita, in the Assemblies of God of USA. It is inescapable that Terry has boundless energy and is totally devoted to missions. He argues strongly that the need of the church today is not ecclesiology but missiology! His writing is laced with practical examples and powerful scriptural truth as he deals with the seven P’s of Missions. Read it and be immersed in his passion.

General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Sri Lanka

Dr. Rick Seaward

God’s will is for every church to be involved in missions! This book is a “must read” for every pastor who wants their church to obey God’s will. It clearly gives biblical yet practical steps and principles on how to make your church a missions church.

Apostolic Overseer, Victory Family Centre, Singapore

Norman Nakanishi

Passion and conviction leap off the pages of this book. Read it yes, but better yet, inhale the energy. Pastor Terry Wong has written what he has lived, and practice makes powerful. Missions Power will convict and motivate you to go into all the world and beyond that, equip you to unleash a tipping point of global impact. Bravo Terry!

Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church Pearlside, Hawaii

Scott Douma

Terry is a missionary/pastor and this book is a reflection of that. His passion, knowledge and experience of getting churches involved in missions is remarkable. I am so glad that he has put this all down on paper as an inspiration and guideline for us all.

Senior Pastor, Yokohama Grace Bible Church, Japan

Jack Hanes

I have known Terry and Vicky Wong for over ten years. During that time I have watched them embrace Jesus’ last command and make it their first priority. I have watched Calvary Assembly go from a church with a missions program to a church with a missions passion. Under Terry’s leadership they are now one of the great missions churches in the world today. Terry and Vicky live this message. I love them both and pray Missions Power will challenge and change many.

Senior Pastor, ImagineNations Church, Australia

Randy Hurst

Books don’t often live up to their titles. This one does. Terry Wong’s incredible journey leading Calvary Assembly in missions is both inspiring and instructive. Pastors willing to learn from Terry will have the joy of seeing themselves and their churches enter a new dimension of obedience to the Master and impact on the world for Christ.

Director of Communications, Assemblies of God World Missions, Missouri

Dr. David Lim

Terry Wong is a leader, communicator, a visionary, a high impact man. In Missions Power you will read how a traditional church became a dynamic miracle ministering New Testament church, how you can lead your church to live, breathe and dream missions. The stories will grip you and excite you. I’ve known Terry as a growing vibrant Christian, since his university days. Now I know him as a mature leader, out to change his world!

Senior Pastor, Grace Assembly of God, Singapore

Dr. George Nagato

Terry Wong incorporates solid missional biblical principles with exciting personal application. He makes a statement that every church, regardless of numerical size, has the potential of being the explosive, dynamic, passionate, missional church that brings elation to God’s heart. It’s a riveting book captivating every generation for the upcoming years.

District Superintendent, Hawaii Assemblies of God

Dr. Peter Hintzoglou

Dr. Wong gives us a clear message on the missionary call and missionary imperative of the church that is both biblically grounded and culturally relevant. Its message will both inform as well as challenge pastors and laypersons alike who seek to be obedient to the Lord’s great commission.

Adjunct assistant professor, Fuller Theological Seminary

Art Sepúlveda

Missions Power is a must read for any Christian thirsty for the heart of God. The practical and powerful insights from Pastor Terry Wong resonate beyond theory and speculation but are reality and revelation. Missions Power will inspire, motivate and bring you back to the first love of our Christian faith: Souls.

Senior Pastor, Word of Life Christian Center (Honolulu, HI)

James “Tex” Texeira

Missions Power is not just a “how to” on establishing missions awareness. It’s a book that reveals the heart of Terry Wong, a pastor sold out to God’s call to reach the world with the Gospel. Be ready to be challenged and changed.

Senior Pastor, Solid Rock Ministries, Hawaii